Putting Pension Costs in Context: How Corporate Tax Breaks are Diverting State Revenue Needed for Public Employees’ Retirement (Part II)

April 2020
By Christine Wen

The second part of this reportĀ looks at sevenĀ statesĀ that areĀ putting corporate welfare before pension security for public employees. $7Ā billion was spent on corporate subsidies and tax breaks in Colorado, Georgia, Louisiana, Missouri, South Carolina, Texas, and VermontĀ in FY2018/2019. Less than halfĀ of that amount would have covered the states’ pension system contributions.

Press Release

Colorado ā€¢ Georgia ā€¢Ā Louisiana ā€¢Ā Missouri ā€¢Ā South Carolina ā€¢Ā Texas ā€¢Ā Vermont

Illinois (published March 2021)